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March 13, 2015- An extremely powerful cyclone lashed islands in the Pacific Oceanís Vanuatu archipelago late Friday, packing 168-mile-an-hour winds. Vanuatu sustained major damage. 90% of buildings were destroyed and the island nation's infrastructure was virtually wiped out. The Category 5 cyclone had average wind speeds of 155 mph to 168 mph, with gusts up to 211 mph. NASA said Pam was a Category 5 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale when its Aqua satellite passed overhead Friday. Aqua saw the eye of the major hurricane just to the east of Vanuatu.

This unfortunate event has occured while our kava supplies were already low. For this reason we are temporarily restricting kava sales to EXISTING CUSTOMERS ONLY. Existing customers: Please order up to 150 capsules, below. New customers: We will open up sales to new customers as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience and please consider making a donation to your favorite disaster relief agency currently engaged in helping the people of Vanuatu recover.

Vanuatu Kava Kava Extract Liquid Gels - Laboratory Tested for Standardization


These vegetarian Kava Kava liquid gels are a root extract of the Piper Methysticum plant from Vanuatu and is a not a drug, and this information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Vanuatu is an island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean where they have been harvesting and using kava kava root extract safely for thousands of years.  Vanuatu kava is well known in kava drinking circles to be the very best kava. The people of Vanuatu drink kava for a natural relaxation at the end of the work day, like having a drink to unwind in western culture. Vanuatu law regulates that all kava sold for export must be at least 7 years old and be grown organic using no pesticides or chemicals.

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Kava Extract Liquid Gels

Supplement Facts - Each Liquid Gel                                         

Vanuatu Kava root - Ethanol Extract   200 mg.

Kava Extract Supercritical CO2             125 mg.

100% Kavalactones                                75 mg.

Serving size  1 cap


Non GMO soy lecithin modified vegetable cellulose

Chlorophyll (pigment in cap to protect from sunlight)     

Caps are nitrogen flushed to remove all oxygen and prevent oxidation

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Vanuatu Kava Kava Extract Paste- Laboratory Tested for Standardization


This vegetarian Kava Kava paste is a root extract of the Piper Methysticum plant from Vanuatu and is a not a drug, and this information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Kava Paste Analysis                             

Methysticin                                 11.3%

7,8-Dihdromethysticin                6.1%

D, L Kawain                                 15.9%

7,8-Dihydrokawain                      8.3%

Yangonin                                     9.4%

1,2-Desmethoxyyangonin           9.3%


Total Measured Kavalactones    62.6%
(actual kavalactone content may be higher)


Root-only C02 cold extraction technology, for an ultra-pure extract. One pea sized serving is enough for a relaxed and happy experience. The FDA recommends no more than 2 pea-sized amounts per day, or the equivalent of 2 capsules per day.  This kava extract paste contains no added emulsfiers- if it gets warm during shipping natural kava root oils may separate from the paste.  Just place it into the refrigerator and it will be as good as new, very similar to what happens to 100% natural peanut butter.


Kava Paste ships approximately 1 week after you order it. Except right now it is sold out, so please do not try to order it.


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